We believe that what you drink matters. That’s why we set out to create a drinking water with uniformly superior qualities — ultra pure and utterly hydrating. Using breakthrough technology and a highly advanced filtration process, we’ve accomplished that goal. “Zoé” means life and Zoé Water is made for those who seek to live life in its purest form.

Sometimes a Negative Can Be a Positive

Just about every important function of your body is linked to and monitored by proper hydration, but what does that really mean? Proper hydration requires getting water to each and every cell in your body. Seems simple enough, right? Well here’s the catch: the cells in our bodies are positively charged and so are the molecules in most drinking waters. This means...

Drink to Your Health

When we created Zoé Water our mission to was to craft a drinking water with maximum health benefits and we took that mission very seriously. Every bottle of Zoé Water is alkalized to produce an ideal pH balance. Why? Alkaline water neutralizes acidity in the body and combats cellular inflammation. Sounds good, right? Well, we didn’t stop there.

Join the Club

Life is meant for living, not making extra trips to the store. Join the Zoé Water Premier Club and let us bring Zoé Water to your doorstep. With regular subscription shipments, you’ll never go thirsty. You’ll also get 10% off on all your purchases, exclusive promotional offers from our partner brands and your very own Zoé Water Premier Kit.

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